Prenatal Mat Workout
Carolyne S.
Class 1045

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Lovely flowing class! I'm 10 weeks today and this class provides such a lovely compliment to Leah's as it works more on glutes and releasing. This is my second pregnancy and I ended up with a C Section with my first (through the nebulous "failure to progress") and my view is that was because I had not worked enough on releases during my pregnancy. We pilates teachers work so hard on engaging our pelvic floor but we also need to know when to release it to let the baby out! Great stuff, thank you. I look forward to seeing more of your classes soon! Lx
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Leonie~ Congratulations on your pregnancy! Carolyne filmed 2 other classes (for the 2nd and 3rd trimester stages) while she was with us and we are going to be releasing those in the next week or so as well! Leah is also going to be coming back to film more prenatal classes as she progresses through her own pregnancy this Spring/Summer.
How exciting! Perfect timing for me! Awesome choices of instructors. Thanks guys....x
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This is very useful. I have a lot of Pregnant women come to my studio, so any extra tips are always useful. Looking forward to the next 2 classes.
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Great news Hannah. I'm now well into my third trimester and I can't wait to see more classes online ! Thanks
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I am not pregnant and still enjoyed this class.
I found the side lying hip hitch interesting as I normally focus on the extension.
In all honesty my glute was in pain. I welcomed my rest.
As a young menopausal woman I found the complete focus on the pelvis refreshing. Any chance you could do a class focusing on us?
I very much look forward to your further classes.

Michaela~ Carolyne actually has done a few classes on Pilates Anytime with menopausal women in mind; a Mat Class, a Reformer Class, and a Cadillac Class. I hope that you enjoy those! She also wrote a blog post for us called Advice on Menopause that you might find useful.
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Excellent, just what i needed tonight, and i'm not pregnant ... Just tense from working all day. Thanks again for another Carolynne workout.
Thank you all for your lovely comments! I am glad to hear you enjoyed the class.
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I am not pregnant either...and that was wonderful! Thank you for recognizing the importance of the great!!
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