Matapalooza 1/5
Amy Havens
Class 1063

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Thank you Jeri Ann.....yes, I too love fundamentals!! :)
Like someone else said, yummy! Simply delicious relaxation. Helped me tune in. Thanks!
Thank you Glorimar!! What a gorgeous name!! :) Thanks for taking class with me and happy to hear you enjoyed the fundamentals!!
lovely class :) I had vascular surgery on my left leg 2 years ago and sometimes feel very tight - this class gave me great tools to release the muscles in that leg. thank you!
Hi Tania.....thank you for that feedback...very helpful and inspiring! Can I ask you which cues helped with the release in your leg? I may be able to share those with others too. Thank you!
Good class! Thanks!
Perfect way to wake up this morning! Thank you!
Wonderful, thank you Crystal!
I'm so happy I took this class! Excellent way to warm up and these fundamentals will really stick with me. Great cues for visualizing the way the body is aligned.
Catherine...this feedback is very useful to me, thank you! I love fundamentals.....whether for Pilates and/or other activities and sports. These exercises are some of my 'go to' movements that I use often! :)
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