Mat Workout
Nagi Takahashi
Class 1135

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Hi Nagi, I really enjoyed this class and can't wait to share it with my class members this evening. Thank you.
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I really enjoyed this mat class late in the day to unwind!
I like the fact that it was an easy sequence with time to work your alignment and find precision in each posture.
I will look forward to doing more of your classes!
Love the ocean in the background!
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Loved your class Nagi, thanks
Ariette, thank you! I'm flattered:)
Izumi-san, tadaima! I think this class will be good for you:)
Monique, thank you for your detailed comments! I always like to flow in my classes. There will be a Reformer class coming soon!
Eimear, I like to have a calm opening and ending. Thank you for watching!
Cheryl, thank you! There is a reformer class focusing on lower back coming soon:)
Deb, I use to do a morning group class too! I always added stretches here and there to wake up the body. Please let me know what your students thought!
Sharon, did you already try it in your class? How was it?
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