Strong and Long Mat
Kara Wily
Class 1215

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Nice! tough and encouraging
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Ah- love that its challenging but reminds you to strrrretch and lengthen throughout..great instruction. More Kara Wily please!
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Thanks greAt teaching just the right difficult
You are such a good teacher Kara. Thank you for being here on Pilates Anytime.
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Loved every minute of that! Loved the different challenges :)
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Kara is my her passion...getting more out of the movement with just her accurate verbal cues to intensify the kinetic chain and create more of a connection. Excellent teaching skills, I must say!
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Loved the cues for the extra lengthening of the legs. Also all of the teaching points. Learned a lot today.
Karen- Thanks and I am glad you enjoyed it!
Amazing and challenging class! I loved the cueing and the corrections given. Straight to the point and simple. I liked the emphasize on lengthening and opposition.
Alexandrina- Thank you. I truly believe we have so much going on when trying to execute, it is best to find one thing to focus on and it often will correct other things happening too. The trick is always finding that key that unlocks the exercise :) Thanks for the feedback!
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