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Kathy Grant
Class 1244

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Thank you so much Cara to share this vivideo , wonderful gift!
The generosity of Cara sharing this with us combined with having Kathy Grant teach on my website has rendered it impossible for me to get through this class without crying. Thank you so much Cara.
Dear friends, I am so pleased that you all are watching and enjoying learning from Kathy. She was indeed brilliant. I look forward to bringing you more of her! Thank you for watching.
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Absolutely amazing, loved it
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Thank you so much for this opportunity. Just outstanding to see and prosper from. A true priviledge.
Beautiful class. SO much to learn from the nuances and the rhythms!! Thank you Cara for sharing and thank you Kristy for making it all possible!! Very curios re the "tape measure"... hope I can find an explanation to that in Cara's intro or workshop... Amit
so awesome. Thanks for sharing Cara :)
Yeeeaaahhh!! I finally get to have a class from Kathy! Thank you Cara and PA for the privilege :) xx
This is ART!
Never having had the opportunity to meet Kathy Grant, this is the next best thing. It was wonderful to witness and indirectly participate in her class.
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