Cadillac Methods
Deborah Lessen
Tutorial 1319

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Brings back memories :) Beautiful movement , beautiful bodies !
Thank you!
Exquisite-- beautifully embodied:)
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Thank you for sharing! Thank you for your fabulous class.
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Beautiful! Love Deborah Lessons work, more.......
We're hoping for more Deborah Lesson too Dianne! It looks like in May Deborah will return to film more for PA ! In the meantime, there is more Legacy project to come. Did you see our latest release from Deborah? It was just released two days ago!
Mat Methods ~ Caroloa Trier
Deborah, so clear and so much taught in such a short video. I love it. Still hoping to come to new york some day. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.
Aha moment- Bend and Stretch mimics sauté. And I never knew about Carola's side strap!
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