Cadillac Methods
Jillian Hessel
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I did a private this weekend with Jillian and we did many of these exercises as demonstrated. wow! She is truly a master teacher. Loved every minute of it.
I loved this class ... very useful for my students ballerinas....thank you
Thank you Jillien. So clear and encouraging. Are the toes touching in frog - " praying feet"?
Dear Geralyn,
Thanks so much for your positive comment about my Cadillac Tutorial. I always appreciate when people take the time to not only watch my videos, but then also to write comments! To answer your question about praying feet on the frogs: I prefer to use the Pilates Stance, and focus on the heels driving into the mat of the Cadillac on the Frogs, of course only if the body can remain in neutral spine throughout the ROM, and NOT go into anterior tilt!
Lovely cueing Jillian. Thanks for sharing this with us.
Jillian, this class made me wish (much more than usual) that I had another teacher in the studio for the hands on...I live for stretches like the ones you gave Juliette.
Jillian is a true master of the work. Can't wait to work with her again in the future!
Good teaching cues!
Jilian thanks for your lessons, clarity and functionality 'of each exercise in the context of a work that follows the logic of the body. We are all pleased to see your experience and knowledge to work.
Beautiful explanation Jillian, Thank you so much
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