Foam Roller Workout
Amy Havens
Class 1380

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I'm not a dancer either, but very much appreciated and enjoyed the focus on which side is stronger / weaker and working with that.  Great to have a short yet satisfying workout too! Thanks
Julie  and Liz  -- thank you both for taking class with me!  Anyone can take these classes, dancers or not because we all have a more dominant side!!  Although I don't dance anymore, I know these protocols are still extremely important to me and we all should stay curious about our 'stronger' side and the potential for the 'other side'. 
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Fast, thorough, and beautiful!

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Exercises on foam roller with hand weights; one of my favorites and this class is perfect for specially stiff shoulder blades; thank you Amy
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Thank you Kandie and Cigdem !!  Foam roller work is some of my favorite too!!
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former dancer and new mom needing the balance! got rid of my butt cramp, thank you.
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Maria congratulations on being a new mom!!!  Glad you enjoyed this class, come back to it.... there are some real gems in here (if I do say so myself!!)
This one feels so good for my shoulders this morning. Thanks for all the great classes, Amy!
I just love your natural way of speaking to the camera/us; it gives your classes a kind of "cozy feeling" although one has to work and (sometimes) fight :o)
Love your work Amy!
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