Reformer Workout
Norris Tomlinson
Class 1491

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Thank You Norris, I just loved your neutral bridge short spine!
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did you mean to leave the head rest up?
Hi Leslie - yes the headrest was up intentionally, however, it can be changed according to preference. It should definitely be lowered for Short Spine.
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Love the cueing, the tempo and your voice. Nice mentioning of the planes. However, I still think that there is too much elongation in your neck when doing the bridge with the headrest up.
is correct to left the head rest up during bridging?
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I loved it. Thanks so much!!!
Great imagery and challenging stabilization work! The ending sequence was delicious.
why did you intentionally decided to leave the head rest up for the bridge?
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Killer! Fun variations. Thanks, Norris!
Michal - having the headrest up was appropriate for the person in front of me. Likewise, you should adjust the headrest to suit your need or the needs of your client.
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