Fascia Science Principles
Robert Schleip Ph.D.
Workshop 1506

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Hi I still haven't work out the method how to view any of your videos...
Kuan ~ I'm sorry you were having trouble with this video. I have sent you an email with information that will help you.
I have purchased this workshop. Why can't I get into this workshop again???
OOPS sorry ...I see that this is a different workshop than the March one...GREAT...my mistake
What a wonderful workshop. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. Dr. Schleip's clear style and enthusiasm makes for a very intriguing lecture and I hope to see more of the same soon. Thank you PA. I am, as always, so thankful for you sharing this.
Are there any CEU's available for watching these workshops?
Jessica ~ this particular workshop does not offer CECs. You can find our CEC workshops here.
wonderful method. thank you.
Does this count as CECs?? If so how many?
Jessica ~ This particular workshop does not have CECs. Here is a list of all of our workshops with CECs. Each of them have 3 credits. I hope this helps!
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