Fascia Science Principles
Robert Schleip Ph.D.
Workshop 1506

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Hi there. How long do you have access to a workshop after you've purchased it? Thanks!
Hi Rebecca, once you purchase a workshop you will have access to it forever, even if you cancel your subscription. Please email us at support@pilatesanytime.com if you have any other questions. 
Hi, I'm writing from Italy: suffering from Ehlers Danlos Syndrom I was wondering if there's any piece of research that Robert Schleip could suggest me about myofascial fitness/treatments and Ehlers Danlos. I've been taking  pilates classes for almost 20 years now and Pilates has helped me a LOT with hypermobility (I scored 9/9 on my Beighton Score at 34) but I'm sure there's something more I can do to feel better :) Thank you so much in advanced. Marina 
Dear Marina. 
The upcoming revised edition of the book 'Fascia in Sport & Movement' will have two new chapters that could be helpful for your situation. This edition will probably be available in August/July this year. If urgent, you could email me at www.somatics.de and I could send you a draft version of these upcoming chapter. 
Fascianatedly yours
Robert Schleip
Hi! I buy this video and now I  would like to download this video on my pc? Can I? Thank's
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