Moving in Different Planes
Madeline Black
Class 1568

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Wonderful workout! I loved it.
A great cues, really made me think do the exercise not the movements
Wonderfull class! I really enjoyed watching the film and can´t wait to try your clever ideas! Hope to see you again!
Probably great if you have no knee problems but difficult for knee issues...would love one without so much pressure on that joint requiring one to "sit back on your heels" or kneel.
excelente ;)
Hi - Which springs are you using? I did it with one red - but wasn't sure if that's too light?
Michele, I most likely change the springs based on the exercises. If you can be more specific, I can answer. Or watch it again, I usually say what springs, but in the moment of moving and talking, I may forget to say!
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Came back to this class today, after a week of travel, because I knew if anyone could get me back into my body, it’s Madeline! My feet/hips/lumbar thank you!
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