Mat Fusion Workout
Tracey Mallett
Class 1596

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what beat per minute music would you play in the background? thanks great class as usual
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This class was amazing!!! Loved the combination! Lovely energy, great directions and flow from Tracey!!
The beat was 126 bpm which is perfect for this type of class as it's not too fast and allows you to cue and keep perfect form. Start with four counts up and down then when your class has control two counts up and down. Hope this helps you!
Awesome as usual!
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thanks, i have been googling trying to find a 126 bpm instrumental cd but everything seems to be 128. would tracy share her resource? thanks so much for the quick response. Happy Easter!!!
great workout and pace for giving energy, thank you!
Thanks Tracey. Fun and challenging workout. Love when we keep moving.
Love the combination of Booty Barre dance-like moves with Pilates. Definitely a good legs felt like lead weights, which means I need to do it again, until they feel lighter!
Wonderful class Tracey --- and great to see you back!
Just found this one! Love fusion! So great!
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