Reformer Plank Variations
Courtney Miller
Tutorial 1622

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I love planks too! Thanks for the creative variations!
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Thanks for all the great variations of super sets, Courtney!
There are some really great variations here! Thanks Courtney!
Excellent variations for every level, loved it! thank you Courtney
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Thank you so much Courtney, your workouts are so creative and informative. I so appreciate having a Stott Pilates instructor on PA. Keep them coming, I always look for you! Love your work!
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So much creativity and lightness in your teaching:)
Thank you!
Thanks Courtney! I get so so excited when I see a new video from you and, as always, this did not disappoint...such creative and challenging build ons to the basics! Would love to take a class from you one day:)
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Awesome tutorial Courtney - Planks are one of my favourite exercises to do on the reformer - loved all of the variations you provided. So enjoy all of your videos, hope to see more soon!
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Loved it!! Thank you so much for this new variations!!!
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I loved your tutorial Courtney! The variations are so adaptable for so many levels of clients from beginners to advanced.
Thank you so much!
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