Reformer Plank Variations
Courtney Miller
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Hi Everyone!! Thank you for your awesome feedback on my video! Have you been using some of these variations on your clients, or on yourself? I always LOVE hearing feedback! Have a beautiful summer everyone! If you're visiting San Diego CA I would love to meet you!!
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Great ideas! Thank you so much! I enjoy all your videos, keep them coming!
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Hey Courtney! I'm a Stott instructor and currently just teach mat classes. I teach at a studio that has barres around the entire room and was wondering if you could do a video on how to incorporate the barre into a pilates class without doing "barre exercises". I've come up with a few but know you could come up with so many more. Thanks!
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oh make it look effortless! Loved the long box between the footbar & carriage! Thank you
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As I continue to learn about planks, my love and appreciation for them deepens to a point my clients wish I didn't have, haha! Thanks for the ideas on variations - the more ways to get people planking, the better! =D
Hi Everyone!! Thank you so much for all your awesome feedback and inspiration!! I have some exciting news!! I will be back on Pilates Anytime Jan 2015 :):) I am thrilled and of course I want to teach what you want to see! So tell me, what style classes would you like me to teach during my next visit? I am so grateful and blessed. Thank you so much for your support and comments! xx
I really enjoyed the variations you gave us here.
love love love x
Your classes are amazing how can someone take your classes thank you :)
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