Integral Anatomy Intensive
Gil Hedley
Workshop 1711

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Hi Amitie , I am traveling the entire continent at present, perhaps I will be coming to a city near you for my new in-person lecture, all the footage is new as I share my latest research on the role of fascia in healthy movement. More info is at my website!
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Thanks Gil Hedley , I am in Australia so unfortunately a bit too far for your workshops but I will definitely be checking out your website. Thanks again.
Amitie, even if you can't get to one of the lectures or full courses in the near future, there is still a lot to gain from visiting Gil Hedley's website. Here is a link to it Enjoy!
I'm considering taking this workshop, but am wondering if there a possibility of getting a completion certificate so I can petition for CEC's?
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Gina ~ Unfortunately we don't have a certificate for this workshop. I recommend asking the organization you are certified with if they will accept this workshop for CECs. You can then use the Video Tracker to show that you watched this workshop. I hope this helps and that you enjoy it!
Hi there, could I ask, is this workshop the same content as the 'Integral Anatomy Series' on Gil's own website? Many thanks, Aisling
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Hi AWConn , no this is a completely different stand-alone workshop, I hope you enjoy it, and thank you for your interest :)
Basic infos... such a slow pace, kind of fun ! Wonder what you might learn . Never had that kind of class at med school 😂
I'm very interested in using this courses to fulfill my cec's for ACE Personal Training recertification. However, in order to petition the course, I need a certificate of completion. I would definitely purchase more workshops to fulfill my PT cec's requirement since I'm also a certified Pilates Instructor. 
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A heartfelt thanks to Pilates Anytime and Gill Headley for having this workshop on for free. What a gift ! A real eye opener for me in terms of anatomy and I feel so much more comfortable with my understanding of the body now that I have watched this workshop. I have to admit that I did shed a tear when it came to the part on the heart . Thanks also Gill for the fab poetry
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