Your Primal Tensegrity Body
Wendy L.
Class 1720

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Wow absolutely fabulous session!! Experiencing the body as a whole while moving can deeply release the outer system and strengthen the internal system. Thank you Wendy.
Oh wow! Loved this class. The "inner ear" cue was fabulous. I'm excited to share these new movements i've learned. My body feels amazing. Much gratitude Ms. LeBlanc-Arbuckle
Heather Hannah, I also love the "inner ear" cue! Leonard and Wendy, thank you so much for using this forum as it is intended, which is to communicate, clarify, deepen and learn. Perfect!
thanks, Leonard...what is so important about the inquiry you are referring to is that in every human movement, we use the whole body. What is important is to learn how to use "gravity as a partner", so that our body can move freely (not gripping or over-stabilizing at the shoulder or hip, so our head, neck, arms and legs can move freely - even in the most difficult movements. Is that responding to what you are referring to?
thank you,'re right that the "inner ear" cue is important. You are helping people return to moving by accessing their deeply imbedded human movement patterning when you use cues that are relational with how our bodies respond to gravity. This is the focus I have been inviting teachers and clients to explore in the Pilates community for 20 years!
thank you, Praveena, for your feedback on taking the class and the powerful relationship we can have with our own bodies in movement...when we ENERGIZE rather then "exercising". We talk about whole body movement in Pilates, and often cue pieces and parts. I think we are in a very exciting time in Pilates...standing on the shoulders of the beautiful vision Joseph Pilates had, and bringing in new awarenesses about how the whole body works with ease when we "partner with gravity" and allow internal lift to be a natural expression, rather than tension producing - ENJOY!
Thank you Wendy for this wonderful class. I will definitely integrate some of this in my teaching.
As an acupuncturist, I want to clarify one thing though. Not all the meridians in the body begin and end at every finger and toe.' We have 3 yin meridians and 3 yang meridians that either start OR end in our fingers and toes. Furthermore, not one meridian initiates or ends at the 3rd toe.
Loved the inner ear cue and this whole idea of movement coming from within.
thank you,'re so right...there are also the Conception and Governing Vessels that support our primordial midline.....I was actually speaking generally so that movement teachers become aware of how important the relationship from organs to periphery is for our whole body health. thank you for your feedback about the value of my cueing from our deep biointelligence, xwendy
Hi Wendy, love it all! The side lying position, with the head turns and looking...I have many clients who are experiencing shoulder or elbow pain on the support forearm side. What can I do to alleviate this, or modify this, without losing the integrity/benefit of the exercise?
Clare Stelling
Hi Clare....thank you for asking this question, as you can now clarify for clients what it means to support themselves in "core coordination" from their arm to their spine, sacrum and tailbone. Have everyone stand up and place their right hand wide on the wall, so they can gently straighten that arm. Tell them to soften their elbow and feel how their hand spreads and opens into the wall. This creates a deep relationship between your hand and shoulder blade on that side...that connection (from hand to shoulder blade to spine) is what makes a deeper "core coordination" as you EXHALE. We call that feeling "shoulder blade to internal belly" and it is a more natural "Powerhouse" .
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