Fletcher Floorwork
Ron Fletcher
Class 1750

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Thank you Kathy Corey sharing this! An honor! Love it!
Thanks very much for sharing Kathy. Amazing!
Kathy this is great … thanks
Loved it!
Thank you for sharing. It is a treat to see Ron teach.
Thank you.
Thank you Kathy for sharing this exceptional piece! What year would this have been filmed?
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Very interesting. I don't mean to be disparaging, and maybe it's just the format, but in many ways I feel today's teachers (especially demonstrated by the classes at PA) have surpassed the pioneer's cueing techniques (legendary tho he may be). Nonetheless, it's important to go back, assess, recapture lost exercises and rediscover commonly practiced ones. Thank you, Kristi and Kathy, for offering the experience.
HIs shoulder rotation is incredible.
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I have take a 1000 Pilates Classes and this is the 1st one where someone explained triangular foot pressure. I heard of Ron Fletcher years ago, but this is the 1st Towelwork Class I have taken taught by him. I understand that over the years, Ron's Teaching have been enhanced by many, but I loved this class. I  can't tell you how much I appreciate Pilates Anytime making it available to me. 
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Thank you for this piece of history. Such a pleasure.  Yes, times have changed and we are not all dancers.  I would like to remember and honour my movement teacher, Gizela, who spent time at the Martha Graham studio.  Memories of her classes here on the southern tip of Africa.
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