Reformer Workout
Diane Diefenderfer
Class 1796

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good class!!!!
Diane , I really love your class, very fluid, smooth.
it's nice to see you on PA, please come back !! Corinne (from France !)
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Corinne ~ Diane will be back soon to film more classes! I hope you enjoy them once they are on the site!
Thank you Diane Diefenderfer For this BEAUTIFUL class for dancers...I enjoyed being again a is always nice to remember, although we are always dancers in our hearts! thank you
Lezione fantastica piena di eleganza ed energia positiva; non vedo l'ora di ripeterla assieme ai miei allievi. Grazie mille Diane
Was nice and I'm definitely not a dancer. Haha. Thank you
Excellent class. I felt like a ballerina:)
What a lovely and very fluid class! I look forward to teaching these to my dancers and non dancers! Thank you so much!!
Beautiful class. Love the stomach massage series with port de bras, thanks!
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