Mindful Mat Flow
Christi Idavoy
Class 1846

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Thank you! My upper back and shoulders feel amazing!
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Wow, this was a great class! The mindfulness and gentleness of the movements is not something I would normally associate with Pilates. (Mindfulness yes, but not that gentleness.) I would say it was more like yoga and yet not yoga. I've been experiencing pain in my right arm and though it was in my elbow, but when doing the right arm open to the ceiling then down to the floor I realized that the pain initiated from the shoulder. Not only that, but it became really acute and shot all the way up and down the right side of my body to the point where I thought I would be unable to do the exercise. I modified it to the point of near comfort then found with each repetition I could go further until finally I was able to lower my arm and shoulder to the floor with no pain at all for the first time in weeks. Great class for releasing tension and restoring liquidity of movement to the joints.
Thank you for your observations and feedback! Elena, I am so happy you were able to find a way to comfortably increase your range!
Christi, thank you for providing such a brilliant class. The linking of the breath/core/mind/body was both inspirational and rejuvenating. A great class for all humans beings who move and breath!
Just what I needed today! Thanks!
This video freezes at 17 minutes. Please re-upload or delete.

Thank you!
Nicola ~ I'm sorry you are having trouble with this video freezing. This is usually due to the internet connection not being strong enough. I recommend trying a lower video quality by hovering over the HD button and changing the quality. If you continue to have trouble, please email us at contact@pilatesanytime.com.
thanks! I really needed that after a few big weeks covering a lot of extra classes :)
Wow, that was amazing. I did a class yesterday that was a level too much for me, and it left me hurting in my head, neck, and back. This loosened everything up and relaxed me so much. Thank you SO MUCH for such encouraging words as, breathe in the rhythm that feels natural to you, because I always find that my inhalation/exhalation wants to go in the opposite pattern to the instructor, and so I force it and create a lot of tension. I feel really connected to my body now, and that's a big deal for me.
I did not know how much I needed this. " Wait for the exhale" is a great cue for our busy lives. Christi's cues were great and the tempo perfect.
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