Mat Workout
Diane Severino
Class 1863

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Keepin' it REAL. Keepin' it FUN. Keepin' it HARD. Diane's down to earth dialogue coupled with her oh so elegant movement/body is pilates with no less precision but with so much more personality!
It's not the instructor, but why in every video I watch the sounds hollows out and comes back in? It's not a consistent sound. Pilates Anytme might want to sound check so that the sound is consistent.
Pio ~ Thank you for your feedback. We check every class to make sure that it plays through and to make sure the sound is consistent. Sometimes there will be a difference in sound if they are in a certain position or if they hit the mic, but it should be the same throughout the video. I recommend checking your settings on your computer and your speakers to make sure there is nothing happening there. If you continue to have trouble, please email us at
I LOVED this class!! so so much!! AMAZING AMAZING! Please more!
I really just cant get enough of Diane! Simply hearing her voice uplifts me. What a way with words :) Reminds me of my Martha Graham college days. Love her. Love her work!
I saw this video when it came out in 2014 and still do it now 4 years later ! I love your teaching Diane Severino! If you lived near me I'd take your classes all the time! I feel great and laugh at the same time!
Such a cool class!! Made my day working and laughing through all the yummy movements!😊🌿🌟
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