Reformer Workout
Cara Reeser
Class 1877

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Nice, quick flow with good challenge and cueing.
So good. Thank you Cara
great class Cara! I really like your teaching style, look forward to taking more classes with you!
That was 30 mins of yummy! Thanks Cara!
Thank you ladies, I am super glad you enjoyed this class. One more new class on the towers coming up soon, stayed tuned.
Warm regards.
Very nice! Thank You, Cara!!!! Obrigada! Kisses from Brazil :D
This class was FANTASTIC!! Loved the energy of Cara - one of my all time favorites! Thank you!
Wow!!! And no hamstring cramps!! Thank you miss Cara :)
Loved the attention to back extension and twists, nice ending with splits! Thank you:)
I love you Cara Reeser!
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