Tower Workout
Tash Barnard
Class 1890

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Loved the pacing of this class.
What a fantastic class..felt energised and lengthened and it flowed really nicely.. Thank you!! X
Thank you for such a great class!!!
This was a very good, nicely flowing Tower class. Feels great in my body! I got quite a few sequences that I can't wait to teach. Thanks for excellent cues! Precise and short.
Such a fun class!!
Such a fun class!!
LOVED!!! Well...everything except for Reverse Monkey and Monkey since you know my arms are still too short, Tash. LOL Miss you...but at least I feel you here in spirit when I watch your videos.
I loved how much back extension was in the workout. Thank you.
Great class!
Dear Tash, Loved this class so much!! Great cues as always!! It was such a pleasure to meet and work with your during my pro bridge course at Costa Mesa. Since seeing you last, I am now proudly BASI certified!! Yay!! Hope to see you at the Learn From the Leaders in April. Can't wait for your next class on Pilates Anytime. Would love more tower classes :)
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