Knee Tutorial
Alan Herdman
Tutorial 1907

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Great advice for a current client. Thanks!
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Fascinating attention to detail! Very informative as to how the knee works, and hopefully how to assist in preventing knee injuries, as well as rehab.
Great Alan!!!
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Alan, could you please specify the range of movement for the exercise done from the sitting position? Does the pelvis stay still? Are feet a bit wider than hip width apart before we bend one knee for the starting position? Many thanks in advance
Clearly presented. I'm looking forward to watching this again while I work to absorb this useful information. Thank you!
Thank you ! this is just what I needed to do !
Super helpful.
Love your work Alan, thank you!
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I am doing rehab for a subluxation of my knee cap during a ballet class and this information was very helpful. Thank you for a clear progression of muscles to strengthen and your detailed and thorough presentation. Lovely, Alan!
Thank you Alan! Very informative and useful for several clients.
Love this. I injured my knee two years ago and everything you describe as getting weak, got weak. I wish I had seen this back then! Thanks!
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