Knee Tutorial<br>Alan Herdman<br>Tutorial 1907

Knee Tutorial
Alan Herdman
Tutorial 1907

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Great tutorial on knee joint strengthening. It would be nice to have camera capturing the last VMO exercisein a better angle so that the viewer can see how Alan is assisting with hands-on & also the understanding of the movement.
Dianne H
Thank you. A timely find when someone with knee pain is coming tomorrow.
Marci C
This is great! Thank you! Would you approach a valgus structure in the same order? Glutes, hamstrings, calves, adductors, VMO, etc? 
Thank you Alan! I can use your stretches with a few clients! I enjoyed your pacing: careful and precise!
thank you. very informative.
Rajashree Srirangarajan
Can I use a roller to place  & rest my leg before lifting the leg since I don't have the arc?
Great information thank you
Great information on how to approach strengthening the knee. Simple and effective movement exercises for the knee. 
Isabel A
Dear Alan,

Thank you very much for this tutorial, very detailed and accessible.
I would have two questions:
1. What is the muscle name you referred to around time 09:56?
2. VMO exercise: In case of hyper-mobile knees, could pressing the knee back enhance hyperextension, or does pressing the heel down at the same time prevent this from happening?

Thank you!

Thank you
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