Knee Tutorial<br>Alan Herdman<br>Tutorial 1907

Knee Tutorial
Alan Herdman
Tutorial 1907

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I really like this tutorial, very specific and clear.
Memory lane for me Alan.!!??
I still use them all & all the time( have a lot of middle & old age clients)
I seem to remember us doing most of them with weights as well!
Superb! Great detail and explanation. Very, very helpful. With so many knee replacements happening, this will be very applicable. Thank you Mr. Herdman.

3 weeks post total knee replacement. Loved it. Thank you.
Great Alan,
I am rehabbing my own knees and this is so helpful. Also I think this would be also great for those new clients whom have not straighten their knees in years as they tend to use the joint, hyper extend.
Very, very good. The information is very clear. Thank you
Love these tutorials. Lots of information to take into my pilates classes and share,
This is so helpful like all your videos! Thank you very much!
Thank you for this. I am a pilates teacher but have just had a knee op following a skiing accident. I am desperately looking for specific ways to strengthen the muscles around my knee. I have 6 weeks in a leg brace which makes it especially challenging. I will be using all these very clear exercises myself and with clients. Am now looking up all your other stuff -You have
a new fan!
Thank you so much for this tutorial, much needed help for a delicate client.
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