Full-Body Strength<br>Ed Botha<br>Class 1965

Full-Body Strength
Ed Botha
Class 1965

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Great class really enjoyed this and body feels great will be doing this class again soon
loved it
I really liked the hard variations on the traditional exercises. It was paced very well... was always on the edge but somehow made it through the whole thing.
Oanh L
very nice flow and body movement!!!
What a great class, love you calm voice! But it's a little mean to put the neck pull after quite a lot of abdominal work beforehand...
Joe Anthony M
So far the best pilates class for men
I absolutely loved this class. It was extremely difficult but the cueing and slowness made it possible for me. Just another great example of how doing PA makes you able. A year ago I would have quit midway. You have all made me so much stronger. Thanks Ed for a wonderful class!!!
I have all your mat classes in 'My Queue' to work my way through! Best teacher on here
A+++ class, Ed! Seamless instruction and went by so quickly.  Loved the multiple roll overs and the tendon stretch.  Thank you!!
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