Upper Thoracic Extension
Sherri Betz
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Great - please can you do a tutorial on shoulder instability/strengthening next? you really are a fantastic tutor and deliver it so that it is easy for us to feel and relate to. Thank you and thank you PA!
Thank you Diane, I am so glad that you found the tutorial useful and simple to implement! I would be happy to teach a shoulder tutorial!
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Excellent. Very helpful. Thank you
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Very informative! Thank you for the detailed information, and use of different pieces of equipment.
Sherri would you consider doing a tutorial(s) on hip pathologies/pelvis torsion?
Amy-although everyone's spine is different, which piece of equipment did you enjoy most? And which one would you feel most comfortable on when you're doing work on your own?
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This class was everything I hoped it would be! Informative, what to look for, the objective and results, wonderful concise information and an excellent learning experience. great details to help us visualize and understand the movements. So many coming in with pre-osteo and kyphotic spines, this was INVALUABLE!! Thank you
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Thanks Sherri - clear information.
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Thanks Sherri for these great tools , good feeling on the back and neck.
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Beautiful tutorial, Sherri! I've learned so much from you, happy I can continue to learn from you on PA. Miss you! Xo
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Fabulous having been doing this to myself to figure out teaching it.My entire upper back feels so much lighter and my back bends have changed,I can really think about moving from those top few vertebrae.Thanks Amy and Sherri fab tutorial
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Loved it! You make a therapist so proud with your wonderful blend of PT and Pilates...will watch for more of your videos! :)
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