Reformer Workout
Meredith R. & Kristi C.
Class 2099

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DS6 ~ I'm glad you enjoyed this class! I'm not sure why it isn't showing up in our search results, but I have sent it to our programmers so that they can check on it. Also, I recommend adding this class to your Favorites or your Queue to make it easy to find in the future!
Thanks Gia and DS6 for bringing to attention!
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It was nice to see the short box ab series and to do tree! I loved the new stretches you introduced me to, especially the warm up off the side of the carriage. The exercises you chose meshed so well together for a great total workout. Thank you!
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Maravillosa clase! gracias por vuestra energia y precision !
Thanks gals!
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Incredible, as always, fun ladies!!
Your cues make the work SO REAL. Feeling taller and stretched longer after this one! Thank you guys!
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