Create Power in your Body<br>Meredith R. & Kristi C.<br>Class 2099

Create Power in your Body
Meredith R. & Kristi C.
Class 2099

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Lovely class with two favorite instructors! Thank you
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I started this session, forcing myself to workout after a long day, and ended it wondering how it went so quickly. Thanks for getting me moving and sweating!
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Loved this one, than you ladies.
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Have not taken this class yet but will in 10 minutes and I already know I am going to enjoy it. Thanks to all the instructors that have taken the time to share their expertise and to Kristie for this amazing platform.
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I love working out with you guys!!!
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I was able to take many things from this class to incorporate into my own. Great class ladies thanks so much!
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Hi Ladies! I loved this class! Thank you:) I found my energy again after a long day!!
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Really enjoyed the this class, I'll repeat it a few times this week. If I may, it would be helpful to have seen you demonstrate with the video camera facing you at all times. Half of the class you were facing your back to us. It would be extremely helpful for the camera to film your feet work and have more visual cues as your are demonstrating. Thank you
HI Sara, we agree with you (and others) about this camera angle. We did this once before and somehow thought it worked well, so we repeated it. Unfortunately, we repeated it twice, so there is one more like it. I'll look into whether we can edit the second one with more of the second camera than we did this first one. Thanks for your feedback!
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