Mat Workout
Brent Anderson
Class 2119

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Hi Brent, I liked the class a lot, - something from classes you have taught before, something new, and great flow and pace. Even though I could admire you for teaching a class like this just "out of the pocket" I was a little disappointed when you at the end said, you didnĀ“t know what you where going to do when you came there.. - maybe it is because I love the thoughtful classes and my expectations have grown over the years. .. So please excuse the critic, I still enjoyed the class!
Hi Silk
Sorry if I gave the impression of not being prepared ahead of time. I teach to the needs of the group, which actually requires a lot of preparation to be ready to simultaneously assess and teach to the students. Glad you enjoyed the class
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Hi Brent,

Loved the class. A song you might try is "Under Pressure" by Queen. Let me know how it works for you. It should have a similar beat, and I think using it during mobilizations is appropriate given the title.

We can work out a payment plan later :).

Best from Dallas,


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What a great way to end my week. Your class was so much fun, the hour fly by. Thanks!
Thank you Brent, I always enjoy the flow and different variations you give in your classes, I feel more space and liberation in my body after your class and definitely more awareness. Thank you for a challenging and fun class.
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Thanks for a great class! I love the plank with shoulder slaps, very cool thing to add on to my work. The flow and imagery and finding the effortless effort really speakes to me. Looking forward to more at pilates anytime and soon here in Tel Aviv
Wow...again, wow! Love this class. Gonna try to get out of the sequence how you put SSF, Spine Twist back to back then Saw, which turned into a combo of the previous 2! Question - in the squat sit at the end, I noticed your right knee was lower than your left knee. Hip thing? Thanks again. I learn so much from you & PA!
In the beginning I felt like I had two diferente bodies but in the end I just felt that amazing feeling of integrity and flow. Thank you very much! I really enjoyed!
Thank you Brent. Its always such a pleasure. I'm grateful for the time and effort you put into each of your classes. Including this one!
OH MY GOODNESS! Just love your teaching - love your thoughts and creative mind - and this has been inspiring for me ... thank you so much for such a wonderful fun class and so all encompassing. More please!
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