Finding Balance in your Body
Meredith Rogers
Class 2234

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Simple but powerful! Loved this one for he abs!
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wonderful class !! Thank You :)
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Love it all except snake––too hard on my bad shoulder, but that's me not Meredith!!
Thank you to you ALL for taking class with me and sharing your feedback. Y'all put a BIG smile on my face today. I appreciate you!!
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Loved it. Is there a cobra and/or snake reformer tutorial? Also would you mind explaining the difference between the 2
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I think I am addicted to this one :)
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Katie ~ We don't have tutorials on the Snake and Twist, but hopefully we can add some in the future. I'm happy that you enjoyed this class!
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Loved this class, love your style Meredith! I struggle with migraines, but the deliberate pace of your classes with plenty of time for warming up, cooling down, and stretching during the workout really help me keep my head in check as well!
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Loved it and found it a challenge.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

A snake and twist tutorial sounds like a brilliant idea. I'll think on it!
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