Mat Workout
Monica Wilson
Class 2250

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fantastic, an excellent short class to revitalise your mind and body! :)
Thank you everyone! I had a lot of fun filming this class with Niedra:)
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That was just perfect Pilates!!
Loved this class, I enjoy a lot how Monica is constantly sharing Romana's Teachings.
Super work out! Best for me not 1st thing in the am! My back is not quite ready for a roll-over at this hour! Lovely to Pilates with you Monica and Niedra!
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This is great! Been doing it regularly when short on time. Please consider more like this: intermediate /advanced, ACCELERATED, so there is a cardio element, and 25-30 min., straight Pilates or with light weights and /or low impact cardio.
Will do! Thank you for your Feedback Jessica! Please check out my "New York Pace Pilates Mat"
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Yahoo! I loved this!
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