Rhythm Pilates® Breakdown
Lisa Hubbard
Class 2274

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You can see there is so much of Gyrokinesis in this routine.
Yes Jennifer, there are some similarities of GYRO. I am a licensed GYROTONIC instructor and have been practicing for about a decade. It's physically a part of my being.
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I learned the 1st half and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I am dripping sweat and it feels so great! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. You're a Genius Lisa--a Genius. If 4 kids weren't about to get home, I would learn the second half. LOVE IT. Feels WONDERFUL!!!!!
Thank you Shan! I am happy that you're able to do class with me and take care of 4 children!? You are an inspiration!
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Love it! Thank you, Lisa.
Great inspiration, great flow
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Loved this, more rhythm Pilates please
Yes!! Thank you Sarah, I'm on it!!
Thanks so much ABCPILATES!! Loved that you joined me here, xo!
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Best workout so far!! Easy to follow fun flow! What a great workout..loved it!
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