All About the Circle
MeJo Wiggin
Class 2290

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Love, Love, LOVED this class. I was not in the mood to workout this morning, this didn't give me time to think about it! Every minute was energized and fun! Wonderful use of the circle. Thank You!
Super awesome pace....and the variations. I will definately look for more of Mejo! Thanks
Great class!
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MeJo, always enjoy your brilliant work. So glad I get to pull this one out when I want/need/ have to have it!
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That was amazing thanks Mejo! You energy is contagious! My hips are on fire and I was laughing with at myself working soon hard! Thank you!
Love your energy MeJo!!
Thanks for some great new ideas. Loved the class and especially the flow.
Yes! :)
Loved this energetic workout. Liked the flow and the fact that no time was wasted.
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