Mat Workout
Kristi Cooper
Class 2366

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Linda Alimi ~ Thank you everyone!
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Always love your classes! There's always something new to think about and new ways of doing moves. Your cueing is so good, too!
Thank you Sharon!
Nice Monday morning wake up thanks!
Thank you Kristi. I love your classes. Felt great! I like that it was just 20 minutes. Makes it do-able!
That's great to hear Jeanne! I do a lot of these classes at home and I agree with you regarding the time. When I'm actually in front of the camera however, I sometimes wonder if I should teach a little longer. Great feedback. Thank you!
Kristi mix it up please. Your longer mat classes are always a special treat - around the 40 minute length.
I think I understand Lauren. Thank you.
Did a ball class after very long. Became more aware of the imbalances with the single leg stance. Very good Kristi. Thank you
What a great way to start the day!
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