Mat Workout
Nagi Takahashi
Class 2434

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I loved this class. It is really what I need ! I am very active so this is quite complementary to all my sports activities. My upper back feels so limber and strong! Thank you again, Deborah
Thank you Deborah! I'm really happy that this will help with all of your sports activities. Keep on mobilizing your thoracic:)
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Great class! Thank you!
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Most of us is stiff in the toracic spine, thank you for the precious hints for my lessons.
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Your teaching is very clear, clean and easy to follow. Your voice has command but it is soft and you don't waste your breath. I appreciate the steady pace and the extra reps to really further the movement each time. Thank you.
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Nagi you have the nicest rolling like a ball I've seen. I'm inspired!
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i LOVE LOVE LOVE this class, so many tweaks and precise details, thank you Nagi!
Hi Kamila, thank you for your comment!
Chiara, I totally agree. Most people are stiff in this area, so please use my hints for your further sessions!
Hi Patricia, wow! Thank you for analyzing my teaching. I'm really happy you liked the work:)
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