Reformer Workout
Rebekah Rotstein
Class 2496

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Great class, Rebekah! Loved all the twists!
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For some reason I had time {and a willing heart} to do this class! So glad I did, loved the challenge and the feeling like "I learned something"! And its only Monday morning!
was really enjoying this class but has stopped streaming from 27:29 ... have tried multiple times to replay but keeps hanging! Hope no one else experiences same difficulty.
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Beautiful class! Loving the yoga variations! Thank you! :)
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Great class and complements the Myofascial Release work !
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Love the blending of yoga on the reformer, great flow! Thanks Rebekah!
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What's the purpose of the hand stand jumps at the end on a moving carriage? No thanks.
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I did however liked the earlier stuff that was in the class when things flowed.
lovely workout with yoga moves incorporated
Thank you everyone! Pele: First of all, the carriage is not supposed to be moving, so perhaps that is where the confusion lies. The movement of the carriage will also depend on which manufacturer you use and the setting it's on. Beyond that, I included the hand stand jumps for several reasons:
1-newer research has demonstrated the elastic rebound properties of fascia, our body's connective tissue, and proposes that we can train and leverage the benefits of this elasticity (for greater movement and metabolic efficiency) through bouncing motions.
2- We'd been integrating the feet as well prior to this so I wanted to add in additional strenghthening and load to the ankles in a manner the body might not be used to, yet another manner of stimulating fascia remodeling
3- after all the upper body training and integration prior to then in the workout, I wanted to create a neurological and balance challenge taking the shoulder stabilizing work to the next level
Hope that helps!
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