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Elizabeth Larkam
Class 2508

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This was super hard for me... I can't wait to do it again!!! I'd also love to know more about why the tongue in a certain position/direction helps... If there is some general knowledge you can share here, that would be great. If the tongue position requires a more in depth explanation... Let's have you back to PA and do both!
Kristi and PA colleagues, it's a pleasure to share my favorite mat challenge with you! In his book 'Muscles and Meridians' Phillip Beach explains the embryology of the tongue and neuromuscular patterning of the righting reaction (pp 88-91). I cue the tongue to shape movement: Stick your tongue out and down to cue flexion (roll-up), touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth behind the upper teeth to cue extension (swan) press your tongue tip into your left cheek to rotate left (spine twist). Press tongue tip right to rotate right. From Feldenkrais I learned to direct movement with the eyes. My Heroes in Motion work taught me the power of the tongue to steer movement. I'd love to return to PA. Imagine how much fun we can have with this (she said, 'tongue in cheek')
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I HAVE to make this remark : she looks and "dresses" like she is on the Pilates Oscars red carpet.
Just exquisite presentation , is she wearing Givenchy or Oscare de la Renta ?

Ileana, all the credit goes to 'Zoya of San Francisco' who creates my stretch velvet unitards. Zoya was a designer/seamstress for the Odessa, Russia ballet and opera. Now she is on Union Square in SF. Zoya designed and stitched the 4 unitards I wore on PA in 2015. For our 2016 filming she created 4 new suits, naming them 'Summer Forest' (green standing reformer) 'Firebird' (Orange mat roller) and two more to post in March, 'Moulin Rouge' and 'Carmen'. I'll pass your compliments to Zoya - she is a genius!
Denee, Yes! I love teaching classes in which everyone has 2 rollers. My favorite set-up is 2-rollers, 2-rings and 2-rotator discs per person. A real motor-control circus that gives everyone a variation ideal for their level.
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Love this program! Thank you!
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Charm, sense of humour, killer session AND bespoke unitards with individual names. Absolutely made my day.
Oh my goodness Elizabeth, you are too good! I'm imagining the fun now!
Fabulous session. What a lovely soothing voice you have. Great cues. Absolutely love your outfit! I'm sure I need one just like it!
Kristi and PA colleagues, our world-wide Pilates circle of humor, intelligence, compassion, style and love of movement brightens my life. Pilates is already famous for developing exceptional pelvic control. The tongue conversation will expand the Pilates skill set. New classes coming soon I'm sure
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