Fascial Mat Workout
Divo Müller
Class 2511

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Thank you for this amazing workout . I am having myofascial massages at the moment and now just completed this class I feel quite free of restriction in certain areas of my body . I will certainly be repeating this . Thank you divo and Pilates anytime for this .
I came into this class with a backache and found it very helpful. But, I'm going to share a problem I had. After 20 minutes, Divo explained that the next section is for people who are too loose. That made me afraid to continue. I probably did not really understand her. I suspect that had I taken the tutorial I would have understood better. If possible, I would like to know if it would have been appropriate for someone like me who constantly fights stiffness.
Thank you. My right arm is a problem area from computer work and I feel release and less pain and tightness in that area. Overall I feel a general release. This class is effective for you Rina. I do suggest you watch the class in its entirety to get the moves. You will feel an overall release from your stiffness.
I wasn't sure about the fascial aspects of this class, but I liked the different technique and found it overall very challenging. Many exercises are done in a modified plank, which really emphasized the upper body work. I didn't have a theraband to use for my legs, but the sequence was challenging nonetheless, especially with the focused glute exercises. One big difference I noticed is that when we relaxed at the end of the session, I was really able to notice the asymmetry in my muscles more, which makes me think that this class offers something unique in terms of muscle relaxation. Thanks, Divo!
These cFascial classes are a wonderful additions! Thank you!
A good class but much to much technical terms for the common pilates student ...Please ask teachers to speak to students with normal day to day language...I'm a pilates instructor myself and i try to always make my students understand what part of the body their working ...so please normal words for normal people!
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This was cool. I've never felt so much space between my lumbar vertebra. I love the idea of the recoil for preparation mixed with the stretching and strengthening. Thanks Divo.
Lovely class, thank you! I totally appreciate your use of anatomic language within the subtleties of the movement, it helps me sense and understand the complexities of the fascial connections. I feel great!
That was lovely on my back....and a good challenge on remembering anatomy class!
I've been doing these practices twice weekly and am astounded at how quickly the movements impact the tissues. It feels as though my Fascia is more juiced and flexible.
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