Reformer/Tower Workout
Melissa Connolly
Class 2584

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Loved the tower and reformer workout!
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Very nice! Those long yellow springs are tough!
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Loved this workout; those knee stretches with the knees off were tough, you made it look very easy!
Hi Melissa , love it !
I have a question . I have the same equipment , is ok if I move the revo bar ?. You did mention it but I think so , because with revo in 1 the springs
Feel different than revo in 3 for example , and each client have their own revo setting .
Thanks !!!
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Love this combination and challenging! more of this combination please!!!
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This was a fantastic class! I got many new ideas. I LOVE using the reformer and tower together! Great cuing!
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Wow loved it! Very creative work off the tower:) Thanks Melissa!
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That was fun! I needed a good workout to get me back on the right track...Thanks
Hi Yasmine,
Please move the setting to what fits your body. And yes, it does feel different the setting is in 1,2 or 3. Place it where you would normally set up the reformer for footwork. :)
Thanks everyone for your feedback and I am so HaPpY you enjoyed the class. I got my creative juices flowing for this one :) I'm glad it came across in a clear way:)
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