Mat Workout
Tracey Mallett
Class 2652

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Great class. Loved every second of it.
Still so pleased with this class! Tracey, may I ask you to do another class with the overball, maybe one that lasts 60 minutes so that we can profit even more from your energy and nice flow?!
Tracey Ive only recent discovered your ball classes and I LOVE them! Really appreciate your positive energy and flow! :) More like these please....and maybe also a class with a fit circle? Thanks!
Lovely flow to the lesson and calming energy.  Thank you.
Lovely class! I hadn't practiced with the ball in a while and had so much fun doing this! Also loved the calming atmosphere and easy-going style while still getting a nice challenge :)
My favourite overball class on PA; give us some more, Tracey!
Great work!  Loving the soothing voice.
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