Mat Workout
Meredith Rogers
Class 2695

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Very nice class, as always. Thank you!
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Brill class really enjoyed it, thank you for some new ideas too
Thanks Ladies!
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I just did a massive hike yesterday. I needed this Mat workout sooo bad. It was great! Strong and stretchy! More, please!
Thanks Angela!
Check out the other band classes on this site. I have a bunch.
I appreciate your feedback and you taking class with me.
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A really amazing workout to open the chest and challenge the abs!
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Beautiful start to a beautiful day!
Great to hear Kandie thank YOU!
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Your cues are exactly what I need, when I need them. I love this one!
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I was hoping for a class with no All Four exercices and where I don't have to lay on my belly; and that's exactly what I've got :o))) Thanks, Meredith!
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