Create your own Resistance<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 2695

Create your own Resistance
Meredith Rogers
Class 2695

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Ohhh! Fınally a class from Meredıth.
Miss you Miss Sook! Hope that the studying is going well xxx
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YESSSSSS!!!!!!!! I'm so excited Meri!!
And Megan.. all is going sorta well. I hope things are great for you! Miss my BML classes so much
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Whats the length of the band?
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Beginning my day with a mat class taught by Meredith....perfect! Fun having Amy as classmate too. :)
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Wow, Meredith your classes are consistently fantastic! I'm adding this one to my playlist. I'm using your ball workout, chair workout and now this one consistently. I like the variety of props you use in your classes too. It keeps it all very fresh and new. Thanks for your excellence!
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Thank you Meredith, another excellent class. More please, I love your classes.
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You definitely are miss America Meri!!!
Thank you for the class
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Just what I needed on a Sunday afternoon after a weekend of traveling and wedding festivities! Fabulous as always Meredith! thank you!
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I agree with everyone, your classes are always great! Your cueing, the flow and the interesting and challenging moves , you never disappoint!
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