Mat Workout
Amy Havens
Class 2744

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Lovely. Rejuvenating!!! Thank you.
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Fantastic as always Amy! Thank you
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Amy is so easy to listen to, loved this class as I feel slowly stretched and strengthened!!! Don't have weighted balls, used hand weights in most ot the situations.
Thank you Isadora!
Thanks gals....I love your feedback!
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Loved this class. I've just "graduated" to level 2, so this was challenging but exciting! I was happy to see that I was capable of pushing myself to do almost every movement. I will be repeating this class for sure! Thank you, Amy!!
Hi Amanda....great for you for continuing to push yourself along in the work! That's how we all make strides....doing the work! Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on your progress!
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Really enjoyed this stretch and challenge....I used hand weights instead of the ball and it worked. We are in lockdown in Ireland so this was a great way to start my day and feel energised....thanks Amy Havens 
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So glad this class felt good to you Kerry !  We're still in lockdown here in CA, thanks for sharing your time with me!
I always look forward to your classes, Amy! You are such a calm and articulate instructor who is gifted at making balanced, and deceptively challenging classes! I loved the addition of the weighted balls. Would love to have more classes with these as the prop. :)
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