Move your Pelvis
Cara Reeser
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Thank a lot, very useful !!
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thank you so much
all the best
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Thank you again Cara and Laura for making things more clear. Love seeing you both on Pilates Anytime!
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Thank you Cara !! I love it , I think that the movement of the lumbar spine is always difficult to underestand and do for many people . I use the image of wheels on the trocánters moving in diffents ways . But your cues are wonderful !!
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Great tutorial. Always great to see you teach on PA.
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Thank you Cara!
I love how you explain the movement of the pelvis as the last vertebrae of the spine. I also love the pelvis "clock" image. So helpful when explaining to the client how to move their pelvis. So glad you and Laura are on PA! Love these small tutorials! Please keep them coming!!
Hi Jacquie, So nice to hear from you. I am glad you find it helpful. Big hugs.
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Cara, you could be giving a tutorial on how to differentiate species of krill and I would be totally on board. Your enthusiasm and energy are really inspiring and I love learning from you!
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So clear and articulate Always refining the comprehensive
body movements Beautiful
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Major "ah ha!" moment! It reminds me of the song, "the hip bone is connected to the thigh bone..." Beautifully explained.
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