Spine Anatomy & Core Basics<br>Karen Clippinger<br>Workshop 2801

Spine Anatomy & Core Basics
Karen Clippinger
Workshop 2801

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I cant watch the workshop. Where is it? I can only see the previews even after paying.
I don't have a spine corrector. Can I do this workshop without it? Do I really need one?
Karen Clippinger
Hello All:
Sorry about the delay.... I have been very busy and just got a chance to check the Pilates Anytime site today.
Victoria and Louise: Thank you for your supportive comments and I am so glad you are finding the information useful.
Victoria: the controversy about neutral versus a posterior tilt is complex and beyond a post. I will just say that there are advantages to both approaches and you want to select the approach that is best for your client. I find that many individuals with tight low backs, hamstrings, and hip flexors tend to miss desired lumbar flexion and after the initial phase of the roll-up primarily use their hip flexors to lift their trunk. For such individuals sequential spinal flexion that emphasizes lumbar flexion and includes a slight tuck/posterior tilt of the pelvis can be useful. For others with good hamstring and low back flexibility, encouraging spinal flexion while maintaining a neutral pelvis can be a valuable skill to teach.

Karen Clippinger
Joanne, Helen and Ivette: So sorry to hear that you had problems with the video. You want to contact Pilates Anytime and they will help you trouble shoot the problem. I assume you figured things out. If not, please let me know and I will talk to them.
Karen Clippinger
Natalie: you do not need a spine corrector to benefit from this workshop.
Bruce C
Dear teacher , Thank you for your wonderful class .
This class for myself to say have myriad benefit .
May I ask you to tell pilatesanytime.com to add subtitles to this video ?
Thank you so much .
Bruce ~ Thank you for your suggestion. We are working on adding more captions to our videos and try to add this one to our list. I hope you enjoy this video!
Karen, this workshop is just terrificĀ 
THANK you SO much

It would be equally terrific to have you do more of these types of workshops on Pilates Anytime!

Do you have any of your (online video) courses available on any other platforms? šŸ˜Š
Sara Manzano
I purchased the workshop, tried to do the test but it keeps saying i have only watched 64% which is not correct, I definitely watched it all (it was fabulous btw, absolutely love Karen and her teachings). Can someone get back to me on that please or fix it? I can't find anywhere to email. it's a little bit frustrating as it happened to the previous workshop i did, which I had to watch 2 times, That's not how it's supposed to work..right? many thanks!
Marchel A
Hi Sara, sorry to hear you are having trouble watching the workshop. Please try ourĀ Ā Video Troubleshooter If that still doesn't resolve the issue, you can reach us at support@pilatesanytime.com
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