Standing Tye4® Workout
Marika Molnar
Class 2808

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once you cross the bungees the load is about 20 pounds distributed on the body. And there are 20 different crosses or wraps.
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Absolutely love the added resistance and the added support of the Tye4. You can feel it through your body as it moves through space as well as initiating from your core!
This is a fabulous tool so many ways to use it, I have been using with clients classes of 10 for the last year here in Florida a great teacher training student tool, portible great to travel with!
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This is great! Love the BoneUp program! Looking forward to incorporating some of these newer moves into our BoneUp classes.
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I adore the Tye4 and use it with dancers a lot - the proprioceptive challenge is amazing for any level! It's one of the tools that travels to every studio with me.
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Great Class!
Tye4 is unique for body assessment and perception development.
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It's a wonderful class and truly a Bone health program. I work with the Tye 4 with my Pilates clients and it is an amazing resistance. Loved it.
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I can't wait to incorporate the Tye 4 with my clients - I love Marika's unique programming focus on bone health with posterior diaphragmatic breathing, deep core connection and standing balance - all essential skills to incorporate with clients of any age.
I love this class. There is such a need for this program! We are teaching the Bone Up with Tye4 in Tennessee and are seeing great results. This is also fantastic for people recovering from Stroke. Please add more Tye4 classes!
I am so pleased to see Marika and the Physical Mind Institute on Pilates Anytime with the Tye4! This is an incredible tool from beginners to the most advanced level. As a medical doctor, I find Bone Up is filling a major gap by bringing physical activity to a population that might not otherwise have such an awesome resource. The Tye4 also brings the resistance from the reformer to the mat in standing pilates making it much more accessible to a broader population. The possibilities are endless with the Tye4!! I can't wait for the other videos.
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