Mat Workout
Jonathan Oldham
Class 2821

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Great for my stiff thoracic spine. Liked the breathing once I got used to it !
Thank you, a fantastic class having spent the day in the car. Great clear directions and I enjoyed learning about this breathing and following your movement through the breath.
Great class! Loved all the rotation!
Enjoyed this here in the UK thanks Jonathan. Some lovely variations and focus on the thoracic spine. Enjoyed the 'hip perch' also which really loosened upper back but worked core also to come back to centre (or center)!! Best wishes, Sarah
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Love this class x short and effective - so good I I keep coming back to it
Great class! Especially forcthe stiff mornings! !!! Have one question though (maybe bevause i am native french) i haven't understood what you mean by "bringing pelvis to the mat" when we bring the other leg accross( end of workout in kneeling before position, , I think..anyways i feel great with or without this explanation! Thank you!
I recently learned in a workshop how important hip strength and mobility are for people who sit a lot AND do a lot of Pilates. So I'm very happy to have found this class, which incorporates some hip "drills" into a class, which is how I prefer it :) (Wouldn't have minded a few more reps with some of them to really feel into the movement, though). The Fletcher bits are wonderful as well! And needless to say, my body - especially my hips, but also my shoulders - felt great after this. A true gem, will be returning to this regularly! Thank you, Jonathan :)
I found the instructions initially unclear but once I got that you're first demonstrating and then asking to follow it all made sense. The movements were very enjoyable. I was surprised with the "listening" exercise, at the end my body didn't give in and felt strong, stable yet flexible and energised. Thank you
I love this class! :) Perfect to wake up in the morning. Thank you so much! 
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