Reformer Workout
Lesley Logan
Class 2829

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Rena, I couldn't agree with you more! They are a good challenge. I am happy you enjoyed them. I hope to have more classes soon! xx~LL
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awesome class Lesley!!! I am so excited to be able to watch your teaching. I learn so much from your lessons! I am looking forward to viewing your mat class and am also looking forward to seeing more of your videos on Pilates Anytime! You are an excellent teacher! Thank you! :)
Eleanor, thank you so much for watching and taking class with me. My mat class is up and I hope you get to enjoy it soon! xx~LL
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I loved the concept of this class. Knowing when and how to connect to the reformer properly is a big thing. However, this is not a level two class any more than it is a deliberately-paced class. One-legged knee stretches and one-legged tendon stretches are not a level two; they are a 2/3. Also, the amount of transitions in this class make it more of a moderately paced class. Please consider reclassifying.
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Stacey ~ Thank you for your forum post. We appreciate your feedback as deciding the level and pace can be subjective. After reviewing this class, we decided to keep it at a Level 2 Deliberate pace, because all of the exercises done in this class would be safe enough for a Level 2 student. The Single Leg Tendon Stretch was a prep that was done off the equipment and the Single Leg Knee Stretch is a prep for the Knees Off version of Knee Stretches. Also, when we compare this class to our other Moderate paced classes, it moves a bit slower with the explanations that Lesley provided.
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This was one of the best classes I have ever taken. Your cueing was impeccable; the work was deep; absolutely perfect! Can't wait to teach tonight!
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Loved this !! Will be incorporating this into my teaching. One of my favorites!
Hi Stacey, Becky and Julie! Thank you so much for watching and your kind words. Made my week!!! xx~LL
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Awesome cueing Lesley! I really loved the variations and the effectiveness in their execution putting so much attention in every detail to really get the right connection! Hope to see more from you!!!
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Ode to those one leg circles, Lesley! Thank you! Feeling the difference in sides was truly eye opening. I knew I had a weaker side, but boy this really defines it, and now I have something to work towards there. Great practice!!
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